25 Of The Most Incredibly Beautiful Book Sculptures Ever

The stories of our childhood

When technology wasn’t so much developed, we use to read stories to remain entertained, especially when bedtime came. Some of those stories are representative for most childhoods, like The Little Match Girl or Alice in Wonderland. Well, some artists believed these stories are great also if they are sculpted in books since the stories emerged from there in the first place.

Book Sculptures

Most comfortable book

Reading a book in a nice armchair can really be a great way to spend your time. Perhaps this is what inspired this artist to create the sculpture of a warm and cozy room for reading. It has an armchair, footstool, a standing lamp, even a small book waiting for someone.

Book Sculptures

Anatomic sculptures

The human head and face are also a great inspiration for sculptors. So don’t be amazed if you see a skull sculpted in a book or even a book sculpted in the shape of a human face. The details of these books look rather amazing when the book is closed.

Book Sculptures

Abandoned books and abandoned cities

Isn’t that a paradox? An artist sculpted the image of an abandoned city, with its imposing skyscrapers, in the pages of an old and abandoned book. But regardless of the message, the sculpture is indeed beautiful.


Amazing scenes

Probably everyone remembers the scene of the Mad Hatter’s tea party scene, in the story Alice in Wonderland. Now, you can enjoy the image of the party sculpted, in amazing details, from the pages of a book. The story just caught life.

Book Sculptures

Unique art pieces

If you are looking for a decorative piece that is never seen before, a sculpture made from a book can be exactly what you need. Some artists managed to create really intricate and amazing looking shapes with the help of old books. So check them out.

Book Sculptures

Painted sculptures

In some cases, the artist became even more inspired, painting or inking their book sculptures. It can be a very inspired idea if you are trying to make a beautiful flower out of a book. It doesn’t really matter how the shape of the flower can be, traditional or more modern, because the human eyes will still be staggered by the scene.

Book Sculptures

Insects all over the book

Probably you noticed moths flying away from old and dusty books. Well, how about if you open a book and see the insect all over it. Don’t worry, because they are not real. They are just sculpted out of the book’s pages. Still, the effect is impressing.

Book Sculptures