25 Of The Most Incredibly Beautiful Book Sculptures Ever

Books can be fascinating by their content or quality of information they hold inside. Not to mention that every book enthusiast will love to read an old printed book, instead of any other e-book reader, simply because he likes the smell of worn-out pages and covers. But some books, which have become unusable were not destroyed, as they were rather used for an artistic purpose. More exactly, these old books transformed into amazing sculptures. If you can’t imagine how a book sculpture can look, then you must know that artists found incredible ways of making them.

A book with a cave

How about looking through a book and seeing something that resembles very much with the walls within a cave? An artist manages to remake the walls by using the inside page of the book. The technique used to make the cave is not known, but the result is simply staggering.

Book Sculptures

Having Mount Rushmore in a book

When a phone becomes outdated, most people throw them out. But someone had the astonishing idea of recreating the Mount Rushmore sculptures in the self-backs of these books. It is true the artist required more than one book to finish the masterpiece. But with mobile technology today, who needs phone books anyway? They’re better off serving another purpose.

Book Sculptures

Mountains appear from books

It looks like old science books are the best if you want to sculpt a mountain. A thick and old book with star maps was perfect for recreating one of the most imposing formations of our planet. It may be hard to comprehend how such work can be accomplished, but it really looks like a 3D miniature sketch of what we find out in nature.

Book Sculptures

A house recreated in a book

Now, this is something really amazing, to see an entire book, with trees and fence, inside of a book. The artist went over the hedge and even lid the house. It looks like the house just emerged out of some story that can be read from the book. A real phantasy.

Book Sculptures

The Charon and the boat waiting in a book

Remember the story with the Charon that passes departed souls with a boat to the other world? Well, you can find the scene sculpted in a book. The departed souls are not present, but the Charon waits patiently in his boat for the coming ones.

Book Sculptures

Surgical tools used in the art

Books are not only the awkward material used for these sculptures but also the tools used to make it. Surgical tools are well-known for their precise functions, and for this detailed masterpiece, it seems that the artist needed something really accurate, like these tools.

Book Sculptures

Gardening books are blooming

And it happens literally. An old gardening book contains sculpted flowers like the ones described in its pages. It may be a form of beautifully ending the usage of a book that was extremely useful back in its days.

Book Sculptures

Landscapes within the pages

Landscapes are always spectacular, no matter the art form used to represent them. Sculpting them in the pages of an old book look even greater. The pages yellowed by time are the perfect matter to depict these amazing geographical shapes.

Book Sculptures