Two Bears Playing In The Middle Of The Road Stop Traffic And Stun Drivers

In Montana’s Glacier National Park, drivers got surprised when they approached two small black bear cubs in the middle of the road. In a video recorded of this encounter, it shows the two bears playing and standing on the road as other drivers in the background get out of their cars to record them with their cameras as well. The bears were completely oblivious to the people watching them.

The first part of the video just looks like a small black mass in the road. Then as the person gets closer with their camera, you can tell there are two small bear cubs grappling with each other. You might think they were fighting, but as you keep watching it is easy to tell they were just playing and having a good time. Not only do they roll around in the middle of the road, but they cuddle with each other as well. After about 30 seconds, they start to notice the people and then walk back into the woods next to the road.

The big mystery here is where the mother bear of the cubs was. Usually, the mother bear doesn’t stay too far away from her cubs. But no one at the scene saw any bigger bears after the two cubs walked away.

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