30 Pics Of Bad Packaging Designs That Deceive People

This list has compiled from bad packaging designs that have been spotted all over the world. Scroll down to look at these evil packages!

1. 1001 Stickers And 768 Of Them Are Useless Squares. Thanks, Disney


2. Tricked By The Packaging Of My Moisturizing Cream


3. Is Anyone Else Bothered By Deceptive Packaging Like This?


4. Bought These Sticky Notes Cause I Thought The Gold Border Was Nice


5. My Sister Got This For Her Birthday

evil packagingGatorMaster2112

6. The Sticker Was A Lie


7. Ahh Yes, Reality Is Often Disappointing

bad packagingvicesam

8. “Printed All Over” And Deliberately Leaves The Pattern On The Outside Of The Package

bad packaging


9. Natural My Foot

bad packaging93arkhanov93

10. Rolling Stone Presents (39 Of The) 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time

bad packaging-Owlette-