30 Terrible Book Covers Ever Been Published

21. I Think I’ve Found It! The Most Glorious Photoshop Of All Time!

terrible book coversTituCusiYupanqui

22. Terrible Everything

terrible book coversNormalCharmander

23. How To Talk With Your Dog About Homosexuality And Communism

terrible book coversreddit.com

24. That Lighthouse Imagery…

terrible book coversNormalCharmander

25. Empress Theresa – Final Cover

terrible book coversWheredoesthetoastgo2

26. His Leg On Ready Player One’s Cover

terrible book coversreddit.com

27. Kissing The Coronavirus Is Back!


28. Romance Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving


29. I Can’t Believe It’s Real


30. Librarian Wife Comes Through Again

terrible book coversjohnc98