Meet the Adorable Baby Hippo Who’s Become a Social Media Star

A pregnant hippopotamus at the Cincinnati Zoo gave birth to a baby hippo just 6 weeks before scheduled. The baby, who was named Fiona, had to receive special care from staffers at the zoo because of her early birth. Most baby hippos are around 60 pounds when they’re born to term, but Fiona was only 29 pounds. This meant staffers had to care for her every hour of the day by doing things like controlling the temperature of her environment and making sure she had a lot of time to sleep. There were also special times for her to feed and receive snuggling too.

Fiona is now a star on social media as the staffers have recorded her for the last 4 months or so. The cuteness that Fiona inhibits makes her videos fun and beloved across the world. Once you see them, you’ll be in love with her too.

Here’s Fiona taking her first wobbly steps:

Since she’s so small, her human pals have had to help her get stronger:

A lot of love on social media

Here she is, meeting her dad, Henry:

Fiona can hold her breath for up 2 min.! She naps in the large pool and uses the hippos unique ability to surface for air without waking up.