Jaw-Dropping Facts About Babies That You Probably Didn’t Know

Have you ever had a bunch of questions about babies? Here is a list of facts that will really blow your mind about these little bundles of joy that bring so many people peace and happiness. They are intriguing, whether you knew how smart babies were or not.

1. Babies like sucking on their fingers or their mother’s chest after birth because it has a similar taste to amniotic fluid, which is familiar to them.

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2. Mother and baby are able to exchange DNA, meaning that part of a baby’s DNA can be in the mother for years, and vice versa.

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3. A mother feels the need to kiss her baby because this will remove any bacteria from her child, change into antibodies in the mother, and then be transferred to the baby again as a protectant.

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4. Before birth, babies have facial hair that they shed and eat just before birth. This tends to be their first bowel movement.

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5. Though it may seem strange, babies can cry with accents depending on their mother’s origin. The cry can help doctors distinguish between babies of different nationalities this way.

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6. The ability to see in colour doesn’t come for a few months after birth

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7. Babies like to put things in their mouth because this is where their nerve endings are. It is how they explore.

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8. As they are learning and developing, babies sleep a lot in order to rest their developing brains.

Facts About Babies

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9. Up until the late 1980s doctors did not use painkillers during surgeries on babies because it was believed that they couldn’t feel pain.

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10. Before birth, a baby can send stem cell to a mother if she suffers a stroke or other accident in which she needs to heal.

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11. Babies are born with the ability to swim for survival reasons.

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12. Anything put into a baby’s hand will be grasped immediately. This enables them to learn motor skills.

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13. Babies smile over 200 times a day

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14. The ability to dream doesn’t come until several months after birth.

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