They Put Baby On The Floor, But When Puppy Does THIS, Dad Can’t Stop Laughing!

Dogs have always been called man’s best friend. But, how about babies’ best friend? In a new video that went viral on the internet, a puppy named Wicket has an intense conversation with a baby named Sophie. The parents of Sophie refer to her as the “dog whisperer.” The baby crawls on the floor next to the dog and starts talking to the canine. And then, the canine responds back to Sophie.

The two go back and forth for about a minute in the video, which has already gotten eight million hits. In the background, you can hear laughter coming from Sophie’s father. It is always pleasant to see dogs and babies communicating with each other for the first time. In a previous video that went viral, a pit bull named Buddy couldn’t stop licking another baby. People just love to see the special bond that forms between newborn babies and dogs. In the new video, the debate going around is whether or not the dog is cuter or the baby is cuter.

The family was lucky to be there with the camera in order to capture this amazing moment. It is sure to be a memory that they can look back on with complete fondness.