Although This Tattoo Artist From Brazil Is Horrible With Her Drawings, People Still Want Her To Get Them Inked While They Pay Her Handsomely!

If you are bored and tired of looking at the same old designs of tattoos that are available everywhere, it is about time that you check for the works of Helena Fernandez. When you consult here, you can get a tattoo that can be awarded as the ugliest and most unprofessional ink that you would ever have come across.

Helena Fernandez is a 26 year old artist based in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil and is the founder of Malfeitona, a home studio that provides tatuagens peba, which stands for trash tattoos in Portuguese. We do agree that she cannot draw a nice tattoo even if it comes down to her life and that is precisely what she plans on exploiting. She has leveraged on it and has managed to have a nice customer base, along with 12k followers on Instagram.

In this article, you can look at some of her apparent masterpieces and let us know what you feel about her (un)hidden talent! Would you want to go get a tattoo done from her?

Helena Fernandes