Delights Of Art Deco Design, From Daily Gadgets To Buildings

Here are some of the most impressive works which were created in Art Deco design

“Manhattan” Cocktail Set designed by Norman Bel Geddes (1940)

Art Deco design

450 Sutter Street, San Francisco, designed by Timothy L. Pflueger (1929)

Art Deco design

Marine Building, Vancouver, designed by John Y. McCarter and George C. Nairne (1930)

Art Deco design

“Waterfall” Radio designed by John Gordon Rideout (1933)

Art Deco design

Paramount Theatre, Oakland, designed by Timothy L. Pflueger (1931)

Art Deco design

Daily Express Building, London, designed by Robert Atkinson (1932)

Art Deco design

Phantom Corsair, designed by Rust Heinz and Maurice Schwartz (1938)

Phantom Corsair

SS Normandie ocean liner dining room, designed by Pierre Patout (1935)

SS Normandie ocean liner

New York Central Railroad “Mercury” Steam Train, designed by Henry Dreyfuss (1936)

Lighting at the General Electric Building, New York, designed by John Walter Cross and Eliot Cross (1931)

General Electric Building

Clock designed by Paul T. Frankl (1920s)

Paul T. Frankl

Buffalo City Hall, designed by John Wade (1930)

Buffalo City Hall

Chrysler Building, New York, designed by William van Alen (1930)

Chrysler Building

Credit: The Cultural Tutor