Arena di Verona: 2000-Year-Old Amphitheater of Verona

When people think of an amphitheater in Italy, their minds will probably go to the Colosseum. However, Arena di Verona, located in the city of Verona, is just as impressive as its counterpart in Rome. The Arena of Verona, built nearly 2000 years ago under Tiberius’ emperorship, has been one of the most important landmarks of the city whose foundation was not too long before the arena.

arena di verona

The construction of Arena di Verona and the foundation of Verona are tied to one another. In 1 BCE, as Rome expanded, they founded the city of Verona to make it a stronghold to make it easier to defend the nation. However, as most would agree, even in practicality, Romans knew how to have fun. Nearly 100 years after the city’s foundation, Arena di Verona was built. The amphitheater could support up to 30,000 spectators and was mainly home to gladiator fights and chariot racing which the Romans very much enjoyed especially in the early days of the Empire.

arena di verona from above

What makes Arena di Verona more impressive is the fact that the arena is alive and well still. Since the 16th century, people have come to the amphitheater to watch various shows and entertain themselves. In the modern era, the arena has hosted many concerts ranging from Pearl Jam to Adele.

arena di verona during the evening

While Arena di Verona itself is 2000 years old, it will get a new addition which will make the experience of the amphitheater even better. The Italian government and a German architecture firm have set out to build a retractable roof over the arena. The retractable roof will serve as protection from outside noise and bad weather conditions to protect the stage. However, during suitable conditions, the roof will be retracted. Therefore, it will provide the audience with the best experience.

arena di verona and the city
arena di verona broken walls
the amphitheatre walls
the amphitheatre exterior
the amphitheatre during the night