20 Adorable Pics Of Animals Tried to Get Along Together

11. When mum says to play nice, but you’re a rebel soul:

animals tried to get along togetheronepumpwonder42

12. Yep, kitty tastes yummy!


13. “Winston loves the foster kitty.”

animals tried to get along togetherbuttonupshorts

14. My brother is such a good leg rest.

animals tried to get along togetherGracynvh

15. This dog found out who the morning alarm was.

animals togetherreallytraci

16. Your new king is speaking!


17. You’re swimming again without me!?

animals tried to get along togetherGood_Natured_Guy

18. It’s ok, I’m not hungry yet!

animals togetherheyimanxietygirl

19. “My brother? No, haven’t seen him anywhere!”

animals togetherneolivii

20. Little buddies

animals togetherBelfehgor