Animals In Tiny Casts That Will Make You Say ‘Awww’

When a baby animal gets hurt severely, it’s usually on to nature how they’ll heal. Luckily, some of them were saved and given casts to make sure that their healing is properly done. There’s nothing funny about wearing a plaster cast, it’s inconvenient. However, there is one thing that we’ve got to admit. These little critters become even more lovable when they’re sporting a miniature plaster cast.

1. You Will Be Okey Buddy…

Vet Clinic In Petrozavodsk

2. Tiny Kitten In Cast

kitten in cast

3. Little Fox In Cast

little fox in castJamie Lorriman

4. This Poor Baby Squirrel Fell Out Of A Tree, And Had To Get A Tiny Cast On His Leg. He’s Doing Well

little squirrel in castsjunglejuiceq

5. Australia Signing In


6. This 10-Week-Old Baby Hedgehog Is Recovering At Hospital In Bucks After He Was Found In Ruislip, Middlesex, Last Sunday With Three Broken Legs

hedgehog in castsJeff Moore

7. My Rescue Pup Day One Of Getting Used To His Casts. Just Three Days Later He Started Running And Climbing Stairs


8. Meet Primrose – Premature Baby Donkey Who Is Getting Her Legs Straightened With Casts

little donkey


9. My Cat Jumped Through A Third Story Window And Broke His Leg. Here He Is Looking Brave With His Tiger Cast And Pirate Bandana


10. My Rabbit Hurt His Leg, But They Gave Him An Awesome Cast!!

black bunny in castfaderautomator

11. Baby Owl With Tiny Bandage After A Fall From Tree In Oxford

tiny owl in castJeff Moore

12. Tiny Puppy Cast

tiny puppy in castRemy1985

13. We’re Treating This Young Guinea Pig For Burns On Her Feet