30 Animals That Look Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Albums Of The Year

11. The Electronic Rock Penguins

animals album photos

12. Wu-Pand Clan

animals album photos

13. The Aggressive Rock Chickens

animals album photoschappeiieshow

14. The New Synth Pop Trio

animals album photos

15. This Cat Is Releasing A New Emotional Cover Of The Sound Of Silence

animals album photossakuracos

16. The Band With The Twin Guitarists

animals album photosyoremahm

17. This Kangaroo Bringing Hardest Macho Hits Of 2017

animals album photos

18. The Emo Revival Duo

animals album photos


19. This Retriever Is Finally Coming Out With His Solo Album

animals album photosaspenthemountainpup

20. Norwegian Black Metal Puppies

animals album photos