This Angry Lady On Splash Mountain Became An Instant Meme

Nothing screams “I’m unhappy with you” more than not having fun while on amusement park rides. That was the case with u/Blackthorne519 and his wife, when they were at Disney World.

“Wife got a little perturbed that I wouldn’t accompany her on the ride,” he wrote.


Well, this led to a series of hilarious photoshops from the r/PhotoShopBattles community.

Here’s sad Keanu and her


Her and John Travolta


His wife as the Mona Lisa


Unimpressed while skydiving…


Or…”The Family.”


The Unamused Dust Bowl Woman


And finally, one of her smiling!



C’est la vie, right?

Well, u/Blackthorne519 wrote that she was “so mad I didn’t want to go on the ride with her. End of a long day, with baby and in-laws in tow, and I just didn’t want to. So she went alone, and when the ride was over, she came over, showed me the picture and said ‘I did this for YOU!’ We had a laugh… she timed it pretty perfect. She wasn’t sure it’d work, actually.”

We can tell she has a great sense of humor. :)