Artist Angela Moulton Creates Paintings of Plump Songbirds With Using Thick Strokes

 Angela Moulton is an artist who creates stylized bird portraits that are bursting with color and texture. Each impasto painting features abstract layers of thick brushstrokes that are built up to form each adorably plump body, perched on tree branches.

She loves birds, hence her collection of bird art in the form of oil paintings. “I paint a lot of North American birds because it’s my home. But I love painting many birds from all over the world,” Moulton says on her blog. “I love songbirds because they are so cute and fat and sweet.” Each expressively rendered oil painting captures the charm of the artist’s feathered subjects from cute chickadees to small sparrows.

bird painting

Being a professional artist, Angela Moulton builds up layers of colorful, thick oil paint to create stylized depictions of each bird, often accentuating their rounded bodies and fluffy plumage. Her signature style not only reveals her talent for form, but also her eye for color. Each vibrant painting features complementary hues that evoke the happy sound of bird songs in spring and summer.

Check out some of Moulton’s charming bird paintings below!

Oil Painting Of Birds

Oil Painting

paint bird

Birds painting