America’s Coolest Ghost Towns

Since ghost towns continue to be something pleasing and entertaining for tourists of all ages and backgrounds to look through, there are many different locations that you can go to indulge in this exciting and slightly spooky adventure.  And, what’s a ghost town without a little history?

America’s Coolest Ghost Towns

St. Elmo, Colorado

Considered to be one of Colorado’s best kept ghost towns, this spooky adventure place started to go downhill after the 1920s, when the railroad shut its doors and the miners moved onto better places.  When the mining industry was still big and important, this was a bustling small town with plenty of energy to be shared around.  After the mining industry turned its attention to bigger and better things, people started wandering off to find new homes, until finally the railroad stopped its service there, and the residents were decimated to a mere 7 people. If you go visiting today, you’ll find a still functioning general store and a school and church that are kept up to date.

America’s Coolest Ghost Towns

Virginia City, Montana

This large ghost town was once very busy and bursting at the seems with people at a population around 10 000.  Back in 1864 – this town’s hayday – buildings were built for all of the needs that could be predicted, and it survived on its own for a long time.  In modern day, there are only a little over 100 people that still live here, but the historical buildings, all with the original architecture and furniture still stand today and guests can tour around and get a look at what it is that is so exciting and unique about the lifestyle of the 1800s.

America’s Coolest Ghost Towns

Rhyolite, Nevada

This is a tiny town that is located near Death Valley National Park.  Though it was originally founded and developed because of its promise of gold in 1905, it was soon clear that there wasn’t any gold at all.  In the time that it operated at its fullest, the town got a school and hospital as well as a functioning stock market and even prostitutes.  After the town was abandoned, an old-West movie used it as a set in the 1920s, and you can still go and take photos with the famous buildings from the film.

America’s Coolest Ghost Towns

Calico Ghost Town

This was a popular town in the 1880s for silver mining, but after its decline in popularity and price, the town was quickly abandoned.  Now days. It is part of a state park that allows guests to wander around freely and investigate the buildings that are still left standing from this time.

America’s Coolest Ghost Towns

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