Amazing Story Of Alex Zanardi – ‘Jack of all, Master Of All’ Too With Both Legs Amputated!

From world famous racer, to a gold medalist in the Paralympics, this man is a legend and is a role model to anyone who is aspiring to live as much as he can.  Losing both his legs in an accident while racing in 2001, this world famous race car driver wasn’t about to take no for an answer when it came to living freely and with as much enjoyment as possible. After healing from the initial accident, Zanardi took the world by storm by earning a gold medal in hand cycling.  He continued on to compete in the FIA World Touring Car Championship where he excelled at this new way for him to enjoy his first love of racing. Since then he’s won numerous medals and wards for his other athletic achievements and it is hard to imagine how anyone can dampen the spirits of this heroic and inspirational young man.