People Share Alternate Angles Of Important Moments And Places

21. The Nevermind Baby Getting Out Of The Pool

alternate anglesgredgex

22. Star Wars Episode Iv Opening Crawl


23. Lady Liberty

alternate anglesoutofthebox5038

24. North Korean Founder Kim-Il Sung Had A Baseball Sized Tumor On The Back Of His Head. North Korean Propaganda Officials Had All Photos Taken Of Him From The Left Side. This Is One Of The Few Candid Photos Of The Tumor


25. Tiananmen Square Before The Infamous Picture, The Guy Is In The Top Left, 1989

alternate anglesEmberifyy

26. Behind The Price Is Right Wheel


27. Vincent Van Gogh

alternate anglesMoofisilla

28. Alternate Angle Of The Phantom Menace


29. Not The Typical View Of The Tiananmen Square Protests…

alternate anglesfisherman363

30. The Position Of The Camera Man Who Took The Picture Of The Dallas Shooter