The African Continent Is Splitting in Two and It’s Happening Faster Than We Thought

As per reports, it is observed that the Eastern part of Africa is getting split from the rest of the continent and once this happens in millions of years, Africa will not have a horn anymore!

There is a geologic rift that is running on the eastern side of Africa and eventually, it will be replaced by an ocean and the rate of split is faster than we thought.

The problems might have already arisen and the busy road of Kenya, Mai Mahiu, has started caving in after there was a volcanic fault line observed, as per the reports from Kenya National Highways Authority.

David Adede, a popular geologist, thinks that the split is the cause for the road sinking and putting drivers and commuters to a major risk.

The rate at which the Somalian plate is moving is believed to be around 2.5 cm per year. Eventually, the Somalian plate will be separated from the Nubian plate.

As per David, after the crack appeared on the road, there was a big hole and all the water inside was swallowed, thereby resulting in further cracks.

However, researchers will have to carry out further research on the terrain, so that they can know the regions which are at a high level of vulnerability.

The event that is causing the split of Somalian plate and Nubian plate is known as superplume, where a giant section of the earth’s mantle carries heat from its core and emerges in the crust of the Earth.

It is only the matter of a few years before we know what actually would happen!