Adorable Photos That Prove Cows Are Just Big Dogs

These amazingly cute cows love to cuddle, they give kisses, get curious, play with a ball, and enjoy good old back rub just like dogs. There’s an adorable animal for everyone to love, from huge fluffy cows to tiny miniature cows.

Check the cuteness of these magnificent creatures!

1. A Cuddly Scottish Cow

little cow calfhappyhensandhighlands

2. Dogs Love Cows Too

dog between cowsglentylee

3. This Sweet Baby Cow

cow calfhappyhensandhighlands

4. Cows Will Be Your Friend If You Treat Them Nicely

sleeping cowlnfinity

5. My Cow Thinks He’s A Dog… We Left The Door Open For 5 Minutes

cow on the couchshaysaprocky

6. Cow Snuggles

boy and cow sleepinglnfinity

7. Cow Catching Snowflakes On His Tongue

8. So I Was Out Walking My Mini Cow When Howie Mandel Stopped For A Picture


9. Cows Are Extremely Curious Creatures

10. Baby Cow That Likes To Cuddle

little girl cuddles cow

Billie Jo Decker