The Secret Behind an Abandoned Shopping Center That You’ll Never Expect

The New World Mall in Bangkok, Thailand

This shopping mass has been abandoned since the year 1997 and was forced to close due to some building violations. A fire destroyed the roof of the building in 1999, causing the structure’s basement to flood with rainwater. Now, what’s below the building is a new urban fish habitat that thrived due to the locals’ effort of combating the pests, such as the mosquitoes that used to live under the standing water in the empty shopping mall.

abandoned mall in bangkok

The locals had introduced Koi fish and brought them to the murky waters below the building. The fishes did not only take care of the mosquitoes and bugs, but they are able to survive and had a life of their own. Now, what you can see below this shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand is a thriving community of fishes, living their own life below the structure.

abandoned mall in bangkok

If you will take a look at the outside of the abandoned shopping mall, you will never think that it is actually a thriving, fish habitat. Inside, you will notice some movements in the water below caused by these creatures that have found a new, wonderful home to survive and to breed.

abandoned mall in bangkok

Some Facts About the Abandoned Shopping Center

If you want to experience feeding the koi fish below the building, you can actually purchase food from the locals to feed them. The place is now being preserved by the locals and the community, so throwing anything into the water that could harm the fish is not allowed.

abandoned mall in bangkok

Koi Fish are considered as hardy creatures. They can survive and live healthily even in the dirty water.

abandoned mall in bangkok

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