3D printed teeth to keep your mouth free of bacteria

3D printed teeth to keep your mouth free of bacteria

If you are someone who often frequents a dentist or an orthodontist, or perhaps even a periodontist, you know the struggle of not having good teeth.  It is something that a lot of us suffer from due to one reason or another and it means that we have to put up with the idea of getting fake teeth.  It’s a lengthy process and can be disgusting and even painful, not to mention inconvenient.  Well, now you will have the option of having a tooth printed by a 3D printer some time in the future.  This will make the journey to get a new tooth much shorter, easier, and more comfortable for all involved.  The materials are designed to be bacteria killing and stain resistant, making this an option for many that lose teeth regularly.  While more tests will have to be done to ensure its materials will be able to stand up as actual teeth, the outcomes are looking great and will open a lot of doors for clients.  The results may also extend to orthodontic procedures, too, perhaps leading to another option to braces, or a companion treatment.  Time will tell.


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