24 Photos for Those Who Are Tired of Cats and Dogs

13. “I’m a vet tech and today at my work we neutered my rat Milo. Here he is being put under anesthesia!”

14. A lizard birthday

15. Eating a tasty cookie

16. This owl hides behind its owner whenever there is a visitor in the house.

17. A hedgehog looking for extraterrestrial life

18. You’re just a lizard that is fed up with your life.

19. “Follow me and receive everlasting sunflower seeds!”

20. “Dinner time at the pet supply store I work at”

21. “He ate a lot and fell asleep, could happen to anyone.”

22. This lizard looks as if it’s starring in a theatrical production.

23. Ratatouille of the day

24. This little alligator is just as good as all those trained dogs on the internet.