The Finalists Of The 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

11. Draw Me Like One Of Your French Bears

comedy wildlifeWenona Suydam / Comedy wildlife photo

“This young Kodiak Brown Bear sauntered down the riverbed and stopped across from me. She proceeded to start making herself a bear bed pulling back the sand with her gigantic claws. Once she had her bed just how she wanted it she laid down, rolled over on her back and started smiling and me! And she didn’t stop smiling! I would have to say she was the most provacative bear I had ever seen!”

12. Majestic And Graceful Bald Eagle

David Eppley / Comedy wildlife photo

“Bald Eagles will use the same nest for years, even decades, adding new material to it at the beginning and throughout the nesting season. Normally, they are highly skilled at snapping branches off of trees while in flight. Possibly tired from working nonstop all morning on a new nest, this particular Bald Eagle wasn’t showing its best form. Yes, sometimes they miss. Although this looks painful, and it might very well be, the eagle recovers with just a few sweeping wing strokes, and choses to rest a bit before making another lumber run.”

13. Operatic Warm UPS

comedy wildlifeLea Scaddan / Comedy wildlife photo

“The kangaroo looked like he was singing ‘the hills are alive, with the sound of music’ in the field.”

14. Dancing Away To Glory

Sarosh Lodhi / Comedy wildlife photo

“A young langur sways its body to give an impression that its dancing.”

15. Attitude!!

comedy wildlifeAditya Kshirsagar / Comedy wildlife photo

“Males of these species of lizard chooses higher elevations to monitor their territory and display. Caught this perticular male roosting on the twing of bush during high heat summer.”

16. Before And After Coffee

Nat Tan / Comedy wildlife photo

“Baby Great Horned Owl shows human-like reaction as one wakes up before coffee and after having a cup. I was avidly watching the two cute owlets in the nest, hoping it would wake up and move. It took a pretty long time, as both babies were too sleepy and were nuzzling each other, sleeping with mouths open. When one finally started to stir, this is what I saw. It is too precious, half opening both eyes, opening one and finally both eyes looking like it was startled.”

17. Ouch!

comedy wildlifeKen Jensen / Comedy wildlife photo

“A golden silk monkey in Yunnan China – this is actually a show of aggression however in the position that the monkey is in it looks quite painful!”

18. We’re Too Sexy For This Beach

Joshua Galicki / Comedy wildlife photo

“I was lying on the beach during a stretch of fair weather at Volunteer Point in East Falkland, just waiting to capture a Gentoo Penguin jumping out of the surf to land on the beach. To my delight, a trio emerged from the water and walked straight in my direction. I really enjoyed photographing this moment as it seems to capture some sassy personality displayed by these individuals”

19. The Butt Dunk / The Face Plant / The Shake Off / The Final Scratch

comedy wildlifeVicki Jauron / Comedy wildlife photo

“An elephant expresses his joy in taking a mud bath against the dead trees on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe on a hot afternoon.”

20. Laughing Snake

Aditya Kshirsagar / Comedy wildlife photo

“Vine snakes are very commonly seen snakes in western ghats of India. When approached they show aggression by opening their mouth wide open. Nothing to scare of this beautiful harmless Vine snake.I was happy to find it and smiling and It looks like he was smiling back at me.”