20 Photos That’ll Brighten Up Your Darkest Day

11. Here’s the ultimate illustration of “puppy eyes”!

12. High Paw!

brighten photos© youngcocosh

13. “I think I found the happiest lamb of all time”

brighten photos© ttuckbutt

14. Different age, same sploots!

brighten photos© commonvanil

15. Good boys sit like hoomans.

brighten photos© tallicahet81

16. The love of a partner can’t be contained!

17. “This cat is hugging his mom after being lost for 5 hours.”

brighten photos© GallowPlaceholder

18. Spooning babies will melt anyone’s hearts!

brighten photos© JarodKnoten

19. When the bed is a little bit too big for the pug pup:

brighten photos© favoriites_ 

20. Hello little friend, are you a doggo too?

brighten photos© IWantToLiveInUSA