She Fell into a Coma While Pregnant. What Happened 2 Years Later is Unbelievable

Zhang Rongxiang, a pregnant lady met with an accident years ago. Due to the impact, the lady went into coma and she was still carrying a child. The doctors made sure that the baby was safe and delivered it using C-section method.

heartwarming family

A healthy baby named Gao Qianbo was born and he was always seen lying around his mother even though she was in coma and would not respond to any external noise, until one fine day.

heartwarming family

However, one day, as the son was blabbering and playing around his mother, the mom woke up from coma listening to his voice and she was taken in for a pleasant surprise when she saw her own baby for the first time.

heartwarming family

Despite the fact that the doctors had given up hopes on both the baby and mother, they made it alive and healthy miraculously and everyone around could not believe it at all!

heartwarming family


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