17 Crazy Facts About Your Eyes

‘Blink and am gone!’

The eye has one of the fastest muscles in the body and it displays this anytime we blink. A single blinklasts 100 to 150 milliseconds and we can achieve five blinks per second.

Crazy Facts About Your Eyes

Blinking; the eyes personal refresh button.

Tears have antibacterial properties; they help remove dirt on the eyes surface. They also help moisten and lubricate the eye and all this is achieved by simply blinking.

Crazy Facts About Your Eyes
Sooner or later we all get the cataracts.

You may have always associated cataracts with only older folks. Fact is that we all at some time develop the takes longer in some and sooner in others .however the average age people start manifesting this condition is at 70.

Crazy Facts About Your Eyes

 Eye examinations reveal Diabetes quickly.

Type 2 Diabetes is usually asymptomatic, most people with the condition are not aware its in their system. However an eye exam would readily reveal hemorrhagic veins in the posterior region of the eye.

Crazy Facts About Your Eyes

Images we see are actually in our brains and not in the eyes.

This is so true such that poor or blurry vision isn’t due to the eyes per se, however any damage to the visual cortex in the brain would result in poor vision.

Crazy Facts About Your Eyes

Blind spots? Not a problem

Particular eye conditions (e.g. glaucoma) could cause blind spots in your vision. This can turn out to be hugely incapacitating if not for the brain and the eyes capacities to adjust, making such blind sides vanish, like the way it alters the upside down vision. It does this by “smothering” the blind spot in your faulty eye and permitting your normal eye to fill in any “spaces.

Crazy Facts About Your Eyes

The best eyes don’t have 20/20 vision

The standard eye test would reveal that the popular 20/20 vision is a line. Below this line is another thinner line, people who can see this have 20/16 vision. The 20/8 vision is so far the best recorded human vision. Such an individual can see at 20feet what you can only see at 8 feet. Ouch!

Crazy Facts About Your Eyes

Eyes water when dry

Eyes become dry when the right quantity and composition of mucus, fat and water aren’t available. Your brain makes up for this by initiating the secretion of more tears…and the tears keep coming….

Crazy Facts About Your Eyes

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