16 Design Ideas That Are Both Crazy and Genius

1. Egg couch — enjoy your seat

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2. A very appetizing piece of furniture

© Simpeks Design / VK

3. Just a little bit of fear to be more productive

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4. Somewhere in Wonderland…

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5. Bingo!

6. Business meetings can be fun.

© acidcow

7. Would you get this in your place?


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8. Bubble bathroom — your kids will love it

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9. “I feel a bit dizzy…”

10. The best position

11. We can’t decide if this carpet-table is weird or brilliant

© acidcow

12. This is brilliant!

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13. “I want this bed!”

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14. A smart idea to prevent people from running in the hall

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15. How long did it take to paint this?

© acidcow

16. Bon appétit!

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