15 Famous People And Their Exact Copies From Other Centuries

The 13th President of the United States Millard Fillmore and actor Alec Baldwin

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-Centuries© ullstein bild / © Jaguar PS

Scottish painter Sir David Wilkie and actress Scarlett Johansson

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-Centurieswikipedia / Featureflash Photo Agency

Roman Emperor Severus Alexander and rapper Eminem

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-CenturiesDEA / G. DAGLI ORTI / © Michael Loccisano

Court jester Sebastián de Morra and actor Peter Dinklage

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-Centurieswikipedia / © Jason LaVeris

King of Spain Philip IV and co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-Centurieswikipedia / © C Flanigan

Actresses Lily Elsie and Kate Winslet

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-CenturiesPast Pix / © Columbia Pictures Corporation

The 17th President of the United States Andrew Johnson and actor Tommy Lee Jones

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-CenturiesNational Archives / © Sonia Recchia

Actors Paul Mounet and Keanu Reeves


wikipedia / © Ethan Miller

Actress Ginger Rogers and singer Christina Aguilera

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-CenturiesLondon Express / © s_bukley

Philosopher John Locke and actor Adrien Brody

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-Centurieswikipedia / © JB Lacroix

Silversmith Paul Revere and actor Jack Black

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-CenturiesHulton Archive / © Lester Cohen

English naturalist Charles Darwin and stand-up comedian George Carlin

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-Centuries© Marc DEVILLE / © Neilson Barnard

Actors Lee J. Cobb and Jason Segel

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-CenturiesPictorial Parade / © s_bukley

Dr. Andrew Sanders and actor Matthew McConaughey

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-Centuries©EmberRainbow / Featureflash Photo Agency

Actors Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree and Tom Hiddleston

Famous-People-And-Their-Exact-Copies-Other-CenturiesHulton Archive / © Helga Esteb