10 Mystical Bridges That Will Take You To Another World

Celestial Dream

An impressive bridge among the clouds looks simply great. It would be wonderful to have those in the coming years. On earth, we are more than seven billion people and counting so this is a matter of curiosity if we will have celestial towers one day. In any case, it feels good to think about living in one.

Utopia in the Sky

Amazing Construction

It is a demanding job to construct a bridge which requires the labor of a lot people. The picture shows us the majestic stand of a bridge and an amazing background accompanying it. This photograph is the proof that humans can create unbelievable and beautiful structures.

Spectacular bridge

Out of Minds

This archaic looking bridge in a hidden corner of the forest is very sensational. It gives the person both amazement and sorrow, as if the bridge is coming from a lost realm. Holding your loved one’s hand and passing across this bridge which is far from the eyes must be a charming experience.

A Land Forgotten

Definitely Exciting

The bridge in the photograph looks so amazing, it is hard to picture yourself crossing it which must be a very exciting experience. You may be afraid to take the walk across alone but don’t worry. Remind yourself that you are not the first one doing it and you definitely won’t be the last one.

Heart in Mouth

The Bridge to Another World

This is a perfect bridge, it is not looking like a structure from this world. Look at the full circle it makes with its reflection on the water. As children most of us dreamed of lands that have never existed, that was our way of running away from the realities of adults’ world. It is the same for children today, running away to a bridge that they created in their minds should be a great way for some time out. Well, what matters is that they come back, as we did.

Bridge to Terabitiha