10 Funny Comics That Socially Awkward Introverts Will Understand

Do you think that you stand apart from the crowd? Everyone is different. However, you can connect better by reading these socially awkward bee comics. Call them introvert or people who are spooky, you will have the toughest time dealing with situations like these. Talking to someone is a nightmare for most and they prefer not to. Listed below are comics by an artist from Germany who goes by the pseudonym floccinaucinihilipillificationa, meaning the act of saying worthless things. The artist barely speaks English, but that never stopped her from drawing these comics.

Read on to know what people who are awkwardly introverts usually do.

More info: tumblr (h/t: boredpanda)10 Funny Comics

10 Funny Comics

10 Funny Comics

10 Funny Comics

10 Funny Comics


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