9 X-Rays Of Pregnant Animals That Will Make You Say “OH MY GOD”

Ultrasounds not only allow doctors to check up on the health and progress of a baby, but it allows for the soon-to-be parents to catch a glimpse of them too. The image of an ultrasound is almost instantly recognisable – even if you are having a hard time making out the baby!
Being able to see inside of the belly of a pregnant women is a common sight, but seeing the same image but for a pregnant animal is certainly a bit more unique!

Thanks to this collection of x-rays of pregnant animals, you can see just how amazing pregnancy is is even in the animal kingdom, not to mention just how diverse it appears! From the thin coiled babies inside the snake to the single egg developing inside of a kiwi, these breath-taking images showcase just how unique each pregnant animal is!

Take a look at the fascinating x-rays and see for yourself!

1. An X-Ray Of A Pregnant Turtle


2. An X-Ray Of A Pregnant Francois Langur Monkey


3. An X-Ray of A Pregnant Dog


4. An X-Ray of A Pregnant Snake


5. An X-Ray of A Pregnant Kiwi


6. An X-Ray of A Pregnant Cat


7. An X-Ray of A Pregnant Guinea Pig


8. An X-Ray of A Pregnant Muntjac Deer


9. An X-Ray of A Pregnant Horse


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