20 Incredible Before & After Street Art Transformations That’ll Make You Say Wow

1. Knowledge Speaks – Wisdom Listens, Street Art In Athens, Greece

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationWild Drawing

2. Juliette Et Les Esprits, Montpellier , France

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationPatrick Commecy

3. 3D Mural In Poznan, Poland

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationWaldemar Wylegalski,Google Maps

4. Renaissance, Le Puy en Velay, France

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationPatrick Commecy

5. Au Fil De Loire, Brives Charensac, France

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationPatrick Commecy

6. Giant Starling Mural In Berlin

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationNika KramerGoogle Maps

7. Photorealistic Mural, Glasgow, Scotland


8. The Whole Town Gets Repainted In Vibrant Graffiti, Palmitas, Mexico

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationGermen Crew

9. Topart, Budapest, Hungary


10. Full Moon Hostel, Bristol, UK

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationPaul Greenpubsgalore

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