20 Incredible Before & After Street Art Transformations That’ll Make You Say Wow

11. Diving Dog Mural, Mechelen, Belgium

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationBart Smeets

12. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco, California

13. Porte Des Lavandières, Aurec Sur Loire, France

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationPatrick Commecy

14. Trash And Found Object Racoon Mural, Lisbon, Portugal

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationBordaloGoogle Maps

15. Lets Keep The Plants Alive, Bialystok, Poland

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationNatalia RakGoogle Maps

16. Brick Kidz, Montreal, Canada

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationSeth Globepainter

17. Ringo Starr Street Art In Barcelona, Spain


18. The Kiss Mural, Chelsea, New York, USA

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationElvert BarnesMary Lane

19. Dob Suli, Budapest, Hungary


20. Wise Grandpa, Kaunas, Lithuania

before-after-street-art-boring-wall-transformationGyva Grafika

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