25 Rare and Unique Photographs of Nikola Tesla


Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla is widely viewed as one of the great minds of the 20th century. His most well know achieve is the invention of the alternating current (AC), although he made invaluable contributions towards the study and development of electromagnetism and wireless radio.

nikola-teslaNikola Tesla, with Roger Boskovich's book, “Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis,” in front of the spiral coil of his high-frequency transformer at East Houston St. 46, New York.

As a child prodigy, Tesla was blessed with an eidetic memory and immense intelligence that allowed to consider inventions and concepts – such as the modern electric motor and the basic laser – that were well ahead of their time.

nikola-teslaPhotograph of the experimenter standing in the middle of the laboratory and lighting a vacuum bulb by waves from a distant oscillator — His body is, in this case, subjected to great electrical pressure.

Sadly, Tesla was not as revered during his life as he was after his death. Being so dedicated to his craft, Tesla was a social recluse that never married, remaining a solitary person for most of his life. He died living in extreme poverty, with many of his achievements recognised long after his passing.

Lighting a disconnected vacuum bulb of 1,500 candle power by high-frequency currents — Photograph taken by the light of the bulb itself, exposure about two seconds.

Thankfully, the legacy of Nikola Tesla remains firmly intact. His genius is now fully recognised, as too are his contributions to the world, which continue to influence modern technology.

Check out these amazing photographs for an intriguing insight of the life of Nikola Tesla.

nikola-teslaFirst photograph ever taken by phosphorescent light. The face is that of Mr. Tesla, and the source of light is one of his phosphorescent bulbs. The time of exposure, eight minutes. Date of photograph January, 1894.
nikola-teslaDr. Nikola Tesla — This immigrant from Yugoslavia invented a.c. motors and radio. A 1943 Supreme Court decision invalidated Marconi radio patents because of Tesla's prior work.
nikola-teslaNikola Tesla in his forties.
nikola-teslaThe hand of Nikola Tesla, taken by his wonderful artificial daylight, just perfected. This is the first photograph made by the light of the future.

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