20 Hilarious Airport Greeting Signs That Are As Embarrassing As They Are Funny

11. I’m Picking Up My Friend, ‘Chocolate Johnny,’ Who Literally Has A Chocolate Factory In Australia


12. This Is How My Friend’s Dad Greeted Her At The Airport Yesterday. Best Dad Ever


13. My Air Force Brother-In-Law Is Coming Home For The Birth Of His Son/ My Nephew. I’m Picking Him Up From The Airport


14. Best Welcome Back Message


15. The Challenges Of Picking Up A Metalband From The Airport


16. Ever Want To Punch Your Little Brother Before?


17. This Is How My Mom Greeted Me At The Airport, After Having Not Seen Her For A Few Years. She Made Me Walk Through The Entire Airport Under Her Left Arm


18. My Neighbor Asked Me To Pick Her Up From The Airport; I Hope She Likes The Sign I Made


19. Picking Up My Mother From A Long Hiatus Overseas I Thought The Best Way To Show My Love Was With Humiliation


20. Welcome Home Mumma And Pdawg


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