Young Pitbull Saves the Family From the House Fire

Our pets are not just animals hanging around the house but our friends, and sometimes, our guards.

Sasha is 8 month-old Pitbull living in Stockton, California. However, something caught her attention causing her to bark. That bark saved her family from a possible disaster, a house fire.

It was late at night. Sasha’s owner, Chai, was sleeping in her bed when she woke up from a wild sound. It was Sasha barking and pointing the back door. She got up to find why Sasha was acting so.

“As soon as I got to the door, she runs in [and] starts barking, and I’m like, ‘What the heck is wrong with you? Like, you don’t do this,'” Chai said. “I looked up and there’s black smoke coming from my neighbor’s house. You can see the flames coming out.”

She realized that she and her 7-month-old daughter were in danger. She ran to her room and found Sasha there grabbing the daughter by her diaper.

“I ran into the room and I see Sasha,” Chai told, “She has my baby by the diaper just dragging her off the bed — trying to get her to safety.”

Chai grabbed her daughter, Masailah, and ran out of the house. She, then, called 911 and informed the authorities. Firefighters controlled the situation. There was huge damage to the buildings. Luckily, all the neighborhood was on the streets. None was injured.

It was this young and bold pitbull, Sasha, who woke up her owners and saved the family –and probably the whole neighborhood.

“She saved us all,” Chai wrote online. “She is our hero. Without her, we probably would’ve never made it out.”