Young Modern City People as the Subjects of Iconic Art History

A Japanese graphic designer named Shusaku Takaoka has created a digital collage which combines the most iconic paintings of the world’s history with pop culture references, particularly urban environments. For example, Takaoka takes the faces of famous historical people like Van Gogh and Mona Lisa, then places those faces onto bodies which display the newest cultural fashions. These paintings are meant to modernize these classic people of the art world.

Takaoka does not just cut and paste these faces on. He creatively paints these faces and integrates them with pop culture fashions. Often times, he will modify their faces a little bit to give them a more modern look as well. Takaoka has added things like lengthened hair, a cigarette in their mouth, and stylish hats. It is Takaoka’s way of bringing these people back to life in the present world that we live in. When you look at the paintings, you can easily mistake the people in them as anyone you might see sitting on the subway or strolling down the street.

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