You Will Say ‘What’s Going On Here’

These 20 photos will make you confused, you will say ‘what’s going on here’.

1. “The man sitting in front of me on the train is using a Twix as a pillow.”

what's going on© star_man_u / reddit

2. That must be the coolest way to travel.

© Brownian-Motion / reddit

3. “There is just so much wrong here.”

what's going on© pbarcher / reddit

4. “My mom once popped outside the theater and I couldn’t tell which one she was.”

© noremacrose / reddit

5. “Taste (one color of) the Rainbow.”

what's going on© Doctorphotograph / reddit

6. Can you guess why there are so many stairs?

© magnoliaadelle / reddit

7. We always knew cats are heaven-sent.

what's going on

8. “My friend’s denim jeans are so thick they can stand up on their own.”

© Ch11rcH / reddit

9. “In the corner of my school’s IT room”

what's going on© graphixs6 / reddit

10. “Woke up scared stiff last night when I noticed a Victorian ghost floating at the end of my bed. Took me a few minutes to realize it was my clothes on the door.”

© sesse301187 / reddit