World’s Largest Vertical Farm Near NYC Uses 95% Less Water and No Pesticides

In NYC, space is at a premium.  This is a place where you see playgrounds on the tops of buildings and parking garages that tower floors above and below the actual street level.  In a space where you don’t have a lot of room to do the things you need to do already, something like agriculture is pointless, right?  Think again.  A vertical farm has been brought into the city using LED lighting and the perfect system that is now getting ready to give its first harvest of vegetables that the world has been waiting for anxiously.


These vertical farms are starting to gain popularity due to the fact that fresh food can sometimes be hard to find, and here it is, being able to grow in enclosed spaces and still giving fresh and delicious results.  Those that are big on green living and eco-friendly space are excited to see the pesticide-free farm that requires only a little bit of water and a small physical footprint to be productive.  It’s certainly something that everyone is looking forward to tasting, and those who are in the know are looking forward to seeing how these are put into new locations, too.


More info: aerofarms