A Family Recreating The Same Photo For 10 Years, And The Internet Loves It

Recreating the photos taken years ago has become one of the most popular trends on the internet. However, this one takes the cake.

The photo that started it all.

wong recreate photos

A family from Hong Kong has been recreating the very same photo annually for 10 years. The first photo was taken by the mother, Grace, when the father, Wong Ting-man, was sitting on the couch surrounded by his cat on his right side and dog resting on his legs while holding his baby girl, Tiffany. “I was very tired. I had probably just changed my daughter’s nappy and was taking rest on the sofa. She was just sleeping by my side, and all of a sudden, my pets came up to the sofa and I couldn’t move an inch.” said Wong.

Tiffany has been growing over the years, while Mr. Wong remains roughly the same.

wong recreate photos

When Tiffany was 5 years old, she discovered the photo and liked it so much that she wanted to recreate it. That is how it became almost like a tradition for the family. The photos are not only there to make people laugh but they also carry a message for those who give their pets up during pregnancy.

Some commenters on Weibo have noted, even the sofa is the same in each picture.

wong recreate photos

Images have gone viral on a Chinese social network website Weibo and gotten 7.000.000 views. The family is happy to share these beautiful moments with us as well as giving an important message concerning animals.

“We have at least two pets throughout my wife’s pregnancy and 10 years past, my daughter has never been admitted into the hospital once” Wong stated.