In 1913, Suffragists Crashed Woodrow Wilson’s Inauguration To Demand The Vote

Crashing the inauguration to demand the vote

Back in 1912, there was a slack in progress on a national scale of the American movement for women’s suffrage. There was an annual convention of NAWSA, or the National American Woman Suffrage Association in which the popular activist of women’s suffrage who had previously been in an imprisonment and force-feeding experience, Alice Paul, along with Lucy Burns, decided to have an immense publicity action that started with a march on Washington so that they could be there when the presidential inauguration of Woodrow Wilson takes place.

Once they had an approval for the proposition, they started the fundraising activities slated for 3rd March 1913.

Despite the chilling cold in New York a few suffragettes gathered in New York and set on foot for the suffrage hike to Washington so that they could reach the capital on-time.

The entourage was led by General Rosalie Jones, who was an activist herself and had marched to Albany previously.

Apart from the suffragist literature that they were carrying, they also had the suffrage pilgrims carry a letter to the President-elect so that they bring to the notice of the administration and make them aware about the women who were watching the administration from close quarters to see traction.

Inez Milholland, one of the leaders of the parade.


Suffrage hikers from around the country assemble in New York for the”suffrage hike” to Washington, D.C. – Feb. 10, 1913


Suffrage hikers set out on their march to Washington, led by “General” Rosalie Jones (left).


Suffrage hikers led by “General” Rosalie Jones pass through Newark, New Jersey on their march from New York to Washington, D.C. – Feb. 12, 1913


This is the most conspicuous and important demonstration that has ever been attempted by suffragists in this country…. This parade will be taken to indicate the importance of the suffrage movement by the press of the country and the thousands of spectators from all over the United States gathered in Washington for the Inauguration.

The suffrage hikers pass through Newark. – Feb. 12, 1913



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