Look At The Amazing Reaction Of A Pitbull When A Woman Adopts It

A student based in Philadelphia who volunteers for the cause of animals, Kayla Filoon, saw a Pitbull Russ for the first time and she instantly developed a liking for it. He was a stray dog and he was terribly skinny when she first saw her. He was simply staring at her when she saw it first and she decided to act on it, as the dog shelter had recently put 15 dogs down. Russ was sick and there were high chances that it would be put down. She did not think twice and straightly went to the shelter to arrange for the adoption papers. On this day, when she is busy doing her homework, the dog is constantly cuddling her and trying to seek her attention; which is highly adorable.

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This is how Russ was when Kayla Filoon looked at it first.

It was beaten up and stray; in a pitiable condition.

There was no fur on him and he was terribly skinny.

When he was calmly looking at her, she realized that she has to take care of him.

To avoid him from being put down, she acted immediately.

With this, she avoided one dog being put down and she thinks that he is the perfect dog.

While he never stops hugging her.

Or seeking her attention at all times.

Photos of him also went viral on social media.