Wildlife Smuggler Found With 21 Cockatoos Crammed Into Plastic Bottles

Though there has been plenty of public outcry about this shocking and horrifying discovery, there has been little done about it.  Recently, there were 21 cockatoos crammed in plastic bottles in an attempt to get them smuggled out of Indonesia for all sorts of illegal activity.  While it is almost unimaginable, the man responsible for this serious crime cruelly shoved this critically endangered birds into water bottles to ship them out of the country for the black market in pets.  Fortunately, he was caught and the birds were rescued successfully, though some were very weak already.

As mentioned, there was all sorts of public outcry against the crime that this man committed, and while those following the story are relieved to find that the birds are all okay and recovering successfully, they want further action taken to ensure that animal smuggling becomes a thing of the past in one way or another.

Wildlife Smuggler cockatoos

The government has agreed that animal smuggling has become a major problem and the more they crack down on it, the more creative they smugglers get, shown horrifyingly in the cockatoos discovered crammed into water bottles.  Not only dangerous for the animals themselves, the act of smuggling animals over the border for these illegal pet markets endangers the species more.  As can been seen in the example of cockatoos, the animals cannot possibly be taken care of properly, and quite a few of them die off as a result, endangering them even more.

For those animal conservationalists, this is a serious problem that, unfortunately, requires disaster after disaster to get noticed and attacked the way it is now.

Wildlife Smuggler cockatoos

Wildlife Smuggler cockatoos

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