Which Character Death Hit You Differently, And Why?

A Reddit user asked ‘Which character death hit you differently, and why?’ and here are 30 of the responses.

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John Coffey from The Green Mile. I’m a grown man, and his death makes me ugly-cry every damn time. Too much time thinking about it makes me tear up



Ellie from Up. Up’s intro sequence was so beautiful: It told the story of a couple’s life together. Real life with all of the difficulty and broken dreams along with it. And it shows the deep and incredible loss Carl felt with her death. This short sequence imbues the film with a deeper sense of meaning, using almost no words at all, and gives Carl a profound gravitas you cannot find in many other films


character death

Rue from The Hunger Games. Rue getting speared and having Katniss sing to her. The 12-year-old me couldn’t handle that trauma


Sam(the dog) in, I am legend. Because he was Will smiths friend and he had to put her down.


That horse in the Never Ending Story




Seymour the dog from Futurama. I normally skip ‘Jurassic Bark’ as I know I can’t handle it. But upon a recent rewatch from beginning to end, I decided to put on a brave face, knew what I was getting into, braced myself, and watched it along with all the other episodes. I had to stop watching because I couldn’t see the TV through my tears.


character death

Fred Weasley from Harry Potter. The twins may have annoyed some people with their pranks, but their ultimate goal in life was to have fun and bring joy to their friends. They were generous and brave and clever and pure. To kill Fred and permanently tear them apart was the WORST! Especially when George had already been injured! You didn’t think they could be at risk anymore now that one of them had gotten hurt. They weren’t on my radar during the Battle of Hogwarts. I remember the moment I read it the first time. I was inconsolable



Bobby Singer….



Dobby. I’ve read the books before and knew he would die but when i saw him dying in the movie…. it just broke my heart. so i cried my eyes out in the cinema (i was ten)


Brooks from Shawshank Redemption. It was so sad seeing that old man just trying to be normal but realizing his normal was within the cell walls and prison halls. It really bothered me when he was working at the grocery store, and everyone was b*tching at him while he was bagging people’s groceries. It truly goes to show that society will f*ck you if you don’t keep up. RIP.