30 Funny Wedding Cakes That Are Completely Failures

The wedding cake may not be exactly what you dreamed of. Here is a compiled list of the worst wedding cakes that totally failed.

1. Cake At The Wedding I Attended This Weekend

funny wedding cake failsblazze_eternal

2. The One That Assembled This Cake, Read The Instructions Wrong

funny wedding cake fails

3. Who Doesn’t Love Cake? Specially One For That Wedding During The Coronavirus Outbreak – Tpcake

funny wedding cake failsLaMerMerci

4. Spot On Cake At The Wedding I Was At Today

funny wedding cake failsKeithsheath

5. A Bakery In East Earl, PA., Crafted A Life-Size, Deer-Shaped Wedding Cake

Shady Maple Farm Market

6. The “Weeding” Cake

7. Groom’s Cake Disaster. What We Wanted vs. What We Got

funny wedding cake failsbananaloutay

8. We Wanted To Create Something Beautiful For Our Wedding Cake. I Turned Out To Be A Pregnant Sumo Wrestler

funny wedding cake fails


9. My Wife And I Eloped During Quarantine. We Decided To Have A Hamburger Wedding Cake To Celebrate

funny wedding cake failsforgotten_weasley

10. The “Gold” Cake At My Sister’s Wedding Last Night

funny wedding cake failswflancaster19