Camera in a Bucket Gives Charming Glimpse Into Drinking Animals

There is a new video that has gone viral, where desert critters were filmed secretly when they were drinking water after being thirsty for a longtime. In this video, we can see different creatures ranging from bees, rabbits, donkeys and chickens. This video that went viral was uploaded by John Wells, an employee of The Field Lab, which is an alternative energy and sustainable living field laboratory.

He said that he was delighted to look at the animals that had approached to drink water from the bucket. He was also able to identify a particular rabbit named George, as it had a tiny notch in the ear that looked very familiar. He also added that the bees seen swimming in the video were also rescued.

John Wells was previously a resident of New York and he moved to this random place to maintain his off-grid lifestyle and he became ecology conscious, so that he could build a modern house with solar energy and all that it cost him was $1,600. When he has such cute animals visiting him, there is no reason for him to feel bored.

The Field Lab | YouTube