Vintage Photographs from Charles H. Traub of Italy in 1980s

Amalfi, 1982

Charles H. Traub is an iconic photographer known for capturing vibrant images of the real-world, traversing the globe to take some truly timeless photos. Among his most impressive work is that of Italy during the 1980s.

With stunning Mediterranean landscapes and countless idyllic towns and villages, the country is a fine model for any photographer, and Traub managed to capture some truly wonderful images more than three decades ago.

As it was his first time visiting Italy, Traub was left in awe of the natural beauty of not just the country, but the people that lived there. Travelling throughout the country, Traub stayed in many locations for weeks at a time, capturing images of the local sights and an iconic part of Italian culture – street life.

Knowing for bustling and thriving crowds, the streets of Italy always have a story to tell, which Traub managed to capture beautifully through his lens. Be sure to check out some of the photographs from his time in Italy during the 1980s – it’s like making the journey alongside him!

Agrigento, 1981

Venice, 1981

Rome, 1980

Naples, 1981

Naples, 1981

Rome, 1981

Milan, 1981

Florence, 1981

Rome, 1981

Rome, 1982

Naples, 1982

Rome, 1982

Naples, 1982

Florence, 1982

Reggio Emilia, 1983

Naples, 1985

More info: Charles Traub (h/t: businessinsider)


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