Most Impressive Vintage Carriages

Here are some of the most impressive vintage carriages

Victoria Carriage by Ludwig Laurenzi & Comp., 1852-53. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.

vintage carriages

The Diamond Jubilee State Coach

vintage carriages

A Gala Coupé, 18th century; Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels

vintage carriages

Coach of King John V of Portugal, 18th century

vintage carriages
Pedro Ribeiro Simões

The Gold State Coach of the British monarch

vintage carriages

Louis XVIII’s Funeral Carriage


Italian Royal Carriage

vintage carriages

Two-seater children’s driving carriage with collapsible roof, 1859. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.

vintage carriages

First-class funeral carriage in the streets of Paris. Photographed by Eugène Atget, 1910.

Four-seater body carriage à la Daumont, 1857. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Two-seat Leib city carriage, 1857. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.